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Education Hackathon São Paulo – A path into innovative democratic solutions

It was definitely a day to remember. In order to make a more proactive event we decided to focus on the cocreation sections, being the whole event itself a cocreation experience.


The challenge

After the first Education Hackathon a thought was always present in our minds: There are so many powerful, positive, groundbreaking education projects, with a holistic purpose, searching for involving all stakeholders in the education process. So, instead of reproducing similar ideas, how can we help those projects to emerge?

Bearing this question in mind, we connected with some education projects. In the end, 3 of those projects opened their challenges to us and participated as the proponents of the cocreation marathon.

The three projects were:

Polifonia Escola Livre – Is a free school oriented to collaborative creation and social transformation. Polifonia came to life out of following a experimentation path, which seeks to connect with and host diverse education initiatives, cultural initiatives, collective initiatives, NGOs, institutions, business and governments which try to foster a deep dialogue about learning through experiencing and direct intervention on the real world. They also host many courses which are action/project oriented in order to become a hub for social impactful initiatives.

Edukatu – The first learning web for conscious consumption and sustainability. Edukatu gathers in the same environment teacher and primary students of the whole country, in addition to people who are interested on it, to share ideas, information and practices about the theme. Therefore, Edukatu wants to contribute to introduce the conscious consumption approach and related themes in the schools plans.

Aporé – Aporé searches for new ways of teaching, learning and experiencing together with schools and universities starting from real observed needs which are deeply interpreted. Through innovation and workshops, Aporé assist people to find their life purpose, talents and dreams and put them into practice. It also offer a collaborative working approach through a supporters and partners network.


The Day

Our friends from Polifonia Escola Livre lended let the Education Hackathon use their space, so our event took place at Polifonia Office, a beautiful house full of co-working spaces, blackboard walls and a big fishbowl room surrounded by a beautiful garden. We invited students, educators, interested people, activists and entrepreneurs to the space.

Our day begun one hour later than it was supposed to start, due to the world cup events, the city traffic was really intense. Before the activities started we invited people to build up the event with us, we suggested a schedule but we made clear that it could be changed anytime if people feel it, so the event success was not only the host’s responsibility but everyone’s.

First, we had a presentation section, where Polifonia, Edukatu and Aporé presented themselves, exposed their challenges and how they can engage with possible volunteers. During this stage we had a wonderful surprise, the school Oficina Pindorama, which is in transition stage from a traditional pedagogy to a democratic one, showed up, presented their transformations and challenges. But that was not a common presentation, the kids, the students, took over and they presented themselves their experience on this transition stage and how the new approach was being so positive in their lives and learning process… the school was not boring anymore!!picture 2


After this good surprise we proceeded to the next stage, the cocreation section. People divided themselves in 3 circles, corresponding to the 3 projects. Some stayed in the same circle during the whole time and some were the bees, the pollinators, jumping from one group to another and spreading ideas.

The following step was thinking on how to proceed with the cocreated ideas after the event. We then proceeded to a collective dinner, where people had more opportunities to connect.

picture 1

picture 3


Later on we continued to the presentation time, where people presented the developed creations and solutions for each project. Polifonia discussed on how they could turn their place into a collective space to foster gatherings involving a living community; Edukatu developed strategies to better communicate and mobilize more schools around the country and how approach students, teachers, parents and community in order to introduce conscious consumption discussion; and Aporé, came up with an innovative solution, using pollinators that could be innovation leaders in different parts of the world by connecting with different networks, e.g. Education Hackathon network.

picture 4

picture 5

picture 6

Next Steps

During the day we still worked on how we can continue what has been created during the event and how people, who want to engage with the next steps, could keep developing the ideas and implementing them together with the proponents..

On the following days we send forms asking for the event feedback and participants availability and will to remain working on the projects. The post-event work was brought in order to keep energy level up. We are trying to create a continuation and not just a one-day event.

Luckily, many participants engaged on the after steps! The groups have already created a meeting opportunity to keep improving what has been developed during the hackathon day.

We were lucky to have such a nice group around us with so many talents! We are more than thankful for having this opportunity and looking forward for the next edition…

picture 7 b


Education hackathon in Brno – Eduhack14#2, June 2014

We did it!

The first Czech edition has been organised by the performing artist Giulia Buvoli (Italy) and Veronika Klimesova from Lead a Change, and Lea Mentlikova from eduforum.cz and  gamifikatori.cz. The workshop took place at Y Soft corporation, a.s., our sponsor partner.


Happiness – and the educational system

We’ve invited students, activists and figures from the Czech educational scene and organised our program several blocks. We’ve opened the event with Giulia’s art performance “Random”, which questioned our own feeling of happiness and what ‘being happy’ means to us. We draw, acted and wrote. After that we all gathered for brainstorming sessions during which we discussed the reality of the educational system today and the ideal state we imagine.

Theater of the Oppressed

After the brainstorming, Giulia introduced “Theater of the Oppressed”, which through games allows to simulate any possible social situation to better understand its dynamics. In the first game, we were asked to form a group which coordinates its actions against one oppressor. It was interesting to watch the (long-ish) process of creating an effective group strategy – sharing or collaboration clearly were not our strongest skills. The second game focused on a our perception of social hierarchy. These games also demonstrated how ‘learning by doing’ can speed up the learning process.

Finding common ground

At the end everyone has written down one thing which she / he is going to do to make the world a better place – from starting a constructive debate about education to smiling at people, it seemed we all have similar goals.

Next …

We’ve closed the workshop by the discussion about where we could take Edu Hackathon next – we have started brainstorming and preparing for the new Edu Hackathon straight away and we look forward to see you all in September 2014!