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Education hackathon in São Paulo – Eduhack14#1, March 2014

Thank you all!

First of all I would like to thank  everyone, who was close to me during the process, helping, sharing ideas and contacts. The collective construction was the most important thing.

The event happened in the IMPACT HUB, one of our partners, and we hosted almost 50 participants.

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Breaking the paradigms,  reflecting school memories

The day started breaking paradigms. People where asked to make a chronology line of themselves without speaking a word. Now imagine a lot of peoplem, which are trying to talk only with mimics. It was just amazing! After that first stage the participants were divided in three groups and were asked to introduce themselves, and to tell the happier history they remembered about their education. The involvement of people was really nice!

Inspiration – fun – co-creation

The event was based in three pillars: 1. Inspiration, 2. Fun and 3. Co-creation The first pillar means to inspire the participants. And this happened with some people that were specially invited to join the event and to share their history and motivations. These people are: André Gravatá, Daniel Iane, Antonio Lovato, Ely Pachoaclik, and Caio Dib.

Caio Dib told about his project enabling people to see saw the many different methodologies of education. Ely talked about the “Manifesto of Education” in a really playful way. And after that André, Daniel and Antonio talked about their movement of enthusiasm.

World Café

To discuss about methodologies of education we did a “world café” , which was really interesting. This round was based in these main questions:

1) How to leverage the potential of each initiative so that they live together in harmony and in active networking?

2) How do you see this happening in your reality?

After that everybody ate a collective lunch together and were invited to do a walk through downtown.

1)  People exit the street and ask people how they see the appropriation of public spaces to use then as a learning environment learn environmental

2)  People share their experience on the street

3)  People were divided in groups to present their experience in the streets in a artistic way

Harvesting – cloud, sun, rainbow and star

To conclude the event everybody should write on a sheet with these three shapes:

Cloud – what was not good (got a little cloudy)

Sun – what was good / great – (what shine)

Rainbow – what you learned (the pot of gold that you found)

Star – the suggestions you want to give to upcoming events


To conclude the day: Everybody danced!

Warm regards and thank you to Philippe Greier, Clarissa Müller, Gabriel Caires, Ivan Prado, Ranyely Araujo, HUB, Presente, Edu on Tour and all eduhackers in the world!

Camila Batista, one of the local organizers




Channels, tools and spaces – Ready to go!

Please watch to get the most of the tools.

Slide presentation of the eduhack14 online structure 

For better readability click here to access the presentation full screen: docs.google.com/presentation/d/1PZAQW-OPrNIpcS4kIuJa0mfpGZUEPFXlUUsvEmcwOcg/edit?usp=sharing. (Best view with presentation mode)

The online facilitators of the Living Bridges Planet network did some moves to create spaces,  that enable the connection and collaboration in an easy way during the 24 hours of the #eduhack14.

Mind map – eduhack14 online

EduHack14 online - howto -