eduhack15#1 – May 15, 2015

Kibbutzim College, Tel Aviv – 24h hackathon in the biggest education college in Israel

Typically our educational hackathon is done as a globally distributed and connected set of local events. But we can tell you: to synchronize dates is an issue sometimes, and “connectedness” is not a hard criteria . So, anyway it is possible to do a “single” eduhack – and by the way, we also can learn  from each other watching the video coverage or connecting with the organizers.
Dror Noy:
Asaf Shenhav:

Impressions + Video

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Images taken from here: 

Watch the final video:


Team tip: Are you new to education hackathons?

(1) Watch the explain video
Please watch the explain video:

(2) Read a blogpost about an event
Each local edu hackathon is different. But to get an idea you might go to a blogpost about an edu hackathon. You might start with a look at this blogpost from e.g. Brazil:

(3) Check playbook
We recommend browsing the Playbook for Organizers.


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