Topics + Hangouts


Connecting locally + globally, offline + online

The main focus is on your local hackathon of course. Find your challenge and your way to hack forward as a community, create something new. Make the leap from talk to action, go hands on, build prototypes, write action plans, create project groups, re-design the reality of learning!

To connect, share and exchange globally increases the overall co-learning process. It is also a great source of motivation and inspiration! Perceive the diversity in methods and the listen to the learnings of other projects worldwide! Sometimes new  collaborative relationships or projects will emerge from this.


By the way – A starter question for the 24h eduhack day



Topic hangouts – connect the minds and souls, globally

Process in three steps

Step 1 – Topic poll – Chose your interest
We organize video chats on the platform Google+ hangouts. To have attractive hangouts we have the principle of an open agenda. As you might know from open space / barcamp / unconference – you decide about what is really interesting for you. There is a poll on the facebook group for the voting process. Screenshot:


Step 2 – Meetup poll – Getting concrete
The top voted three topics from step 1 topic poll are the starting points for the “hangout boarding”.  The host is kind of a pilot, who is offering a “trip” to the  specific topic. Compare the step with the boarding zone at an airport. Decide for your destination and show up there. So that everyone knows who will go there.


The host should make 1-3 date proposals that fit for her/him. The options are represented as a facebook poll in GMT time.This process has to be based on the unequivocal GMT time to avoid misunderstandings and question loops.  Host sets a date for end of poll. Then the host can see who will show up. The vote of a participant is seen also a commitment to attend at that time. The host is free to chose one of her/his timeslot proposals. Timeslots should be selected with timezone sensitivity not to exclude interested folks if possible.


One easy tool to “localize timezones”of  different locations easily and coordinate is (see graphics above). Select locations and use the slider to check for feasibility. Avoid the local “sleep zones” – recommended that nobody is forced to attend after 11pm at night or before 8am in the morning.

Step 3 – Show up, get reminded by our countdown
From some past experience we know that some reminding makes sense. For this 3rd time of eduhackathon we will create facebook event pages for each global hangout – to make it more convenient. We will point to the event on the group and main event page too.


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