Realtime + Lifestream

Follow the tweets

Our global event channel #eduhack14


Example twitter feed


Advanced users: Send and find local tweets
  • you can use a local hashtag like #cairo for zooming into local (as far people use it)
  • you can even have a “long hashtag” to localize your tweet – like #eduhack14cairo
“World channel” for the topic #eduhack
  • hashtags are just used open and kindly, but they are not controlled or protected, so if you go to this channe #eduhackl you may find tweets, that are not about our community event, since the term is used in another context. But anyway this could be an interesting find then! Bridge to other eduhacker peers  -– enjoy the serendipity!



Lifestream / Video Chats

You want to attend the lifestream on youtube during our topic hangouts? Find the dates for the global hangouts on our calender – later in the week. The lifestream links (youtube) will be announced on the facebook event page for eduhack14#3:
Being audience is not enough? If you want to be in the panel the procedure is described here: Topics + Hangouts

Helpful to coordinate – Timezones cheatsheet


See also to localize different locations easily.


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