Channels + tools for eduhack event

(A) Basic: Join and track the eduhack group on facebook


(B) Reasonable: Use etherpad or event page

Recommended channels
As a local eduhack group you can use any channel or tool that you prefer, but two options are especially recommended. They have proven to be useful. Use one of them or both. They support not only your local communication, they also allow to connect and to collaborate easily with other local communities worldwide.




(C) Optional: More channels for easy tracking and connecting

Hashtag for the event is #eduhack14

  • You might also use the hashtag #eduhack, but it might interfere with other communities on twitter etc.
  • Be reminded, that hashtags can be used not only on twitter, but also on facebook, youtube or flickr. The hashtags make it super easy to find event related content during the event and also later.
  • Advanced: To filter with your location just use the location hashtag as an extra one, e.g. #vienna

Youtube channel

The youtube channel and playlists will be announced here soon.


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