Locations – It is spreading …

Each local hackathon has a specific local notepad (titanpad) to facilitate easy sharing, networking, harvesting and documentation. Some of the local hackathons are also organized  with event pages on facebook. The links for the notepads and the event pages  are listed on the global timetable spreadsheet (find it in the pulldown menue in the navigation tab for this event “eduhack14#2”).


24h Education Hackathon – Second edition – http://www.zeemaps.com/view.… Thank you Thijs Zoontjens for the map hack!


Timetable – See what is going on and when!

Click on the timetable to view and edit the spreadsheet on google docs!timetable - go to google docs for editing

.Confused with timezones, GMT etc? Find help on page Realtime + Video Chats

So far confirmed – Alphabetical order

  1. Bangladesh, Dhaka
  2. Barcelona, Spain
  3. Berlin (online faclitation), Germany
  4. Brno, Czech Republic
  5. Cairo, Egypt
  6. Chitwan, Nepal
  7. Gothenborg, Sweden
  8. Graz, Austria
  9. Helsingborg, Sweden
  10. Holon, Israel
  11. Maastricht, Netherlands
  12. Muenster, Germany
  13. Mumbai, India
  14. Paris, France
  15. Santiago, Chile
  16. São Paolo, Brazil
  17. Seville, Spain
  18. Vienna, Austria

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