Channels + tools for eduhack event

1st – Connect with the eduhack group on facebook


2nd – Use the channels and tools

Get an idea how the communication will flow and where to access what. Have a look on the presentation slides to understand the logic of channels, – it worked fine during edition #1.

Hashtag for the event is #eduhack14

  • You might also use #eduhack, but it might interfere with other communities on twitter etc.
  • To filter with your location just use the location hashtag as an extra one, e.g. #vienna


For better readability click here to access the presentation full (Best view with presentation mode)


Slide presentation of the eduhack14 online structure 

The online facilitators of the Living Bridges Planet network did some moves to create spaces,  that enable the connection and collaboration in an easy way during the 24 hours of the #eduhack14.


Mind map – eduhack14 onlin (click to access)

After understanding the presentation above you might also visit the mind map …

EduHack14 online - howto -


(admin to self ….. to be done later:)

  • Create category page: All blogposts tagged with eduhack14#2
  • eduhack14#2 timetable page

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