Eduhack14#3 – Here we go! Happy hacking!

Brno early bird hackers

The eduhackers at Brno already had their hackathon at last weekend. They have done a blogpost (Czech). Enjoy the photos below while trying to get some snippets with
Group: – Contact/FB:  Veronika Klimesova

Welcome to eduhack #3!

Welcome to the 3rd edition of education hackathon. To get going here is a proposal for the starter question of your local gathering.


Depending on your setting, size and moderation method you might use it to have this as the input for the group building process.
Starting with a silent reflection: What do I want to transform, what can I do together  with the motivated folks here in the next hours to start a change? Collecting answers and reflecting in the group – e.g. on a big piece of paper on the table as in a world café setting. For the print version just click on the above and get full size for download.

New this time: Topic Hangouts

Find information about it on the page



Pages for this hackathon – locations, playbook etc

Please browse the pages dedicated to this eduhack 14#3 – see  shot of navigation pulldown below!

Veronika Klimesova has created an animated slideshow on powtoon, watch here.

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