Education hackathon in Brno – Eduhack14#2, June 2014

We did it!

The first Czech edition has been organised by the performing artist Giulia Buvoli (Italy) and Veronika Klimesova from Lead a Change, and Lea Mentlikova from and The workshop took place at Y Soft corporation, a.s., our sponsor partner.


Happiness – and the educational system

We’ve invited students, activists and figures from the Czech educational scene and organised our program several blocks. We’ve opened the event with Giulia’s art performance “Random”, which questioned our own feeling of happiness and what ‘being happy’ means to us. We draw, acted and wrote. After that we all gathered for brainstorming sessions during which we discussed the reality of the educational system today and the ideal state we imagine.

Theater of the Oppressed

After the brainstorming, Giulia introduced “Theater of the Oppressed”, which through games allows to simulate any possible social situation to better understand its dynamics. In the first game, we were asked to form a group which coordinates its actions against one oppressor. It was interesting to watch the (long-ish) process of creating an effective group strategy – sharing or collaboration clearly were not our strongest skills. The second game focused on a our perception of social hierarchy. These games also demonstrated how ‘learning by doing’ can speed up the learning process.

Finding common ground

At the end everyone has written down one thing which she / he is going to do to make the world a better place – from starting a constructive debate about education to smiling at people, it seemed we all have similar goals.

Next …

We’ve closed the workshop by the discussion about where we could take Edu Hackathon next – we have started brainstorming and preparing for the new Edu Hackathon straight away and we look forward to see you all in September 2014!


One thought on “Education hackathon in Brno – Eduhack14#2, June 2014

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