Channels, tools and spaces – Ready to go!

Please watch to get the most of the tools.

Slide presentation of the eduhack14 online structure 

For better readability click here to access the presentation full screen: (Best view with presentation mode)

The online facilitators of the Living Bridges Planet network did some moves to create spaces,  that enable the connection and collaboration in an easy way during the 24 hours of the #eduhack14.

Mind map – eduhack14 online

EduHack14 online - howto -

One thought on “Channels, tools and spaces – Ready to go!

  1. Reblogged this on LIVING BRIDGES Planet and commented:

    The online facilitators of Living Bridges Planet have move some bits and bytes to create a global-local space for connecting and exchange between the folks of globally distributed locations during the “education hackathon” eduhack14. We are happy to support this glocal event. Also a great opportunity to learn which tools and channels work best.

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